As a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I use Mindset work and reprogramming to empower leaders. My tools help people unblock the beliefs keeping them stuck, create their highest self identity, manifest freedom, clarity, flow, confidence, money and high level leadership. Propelled by my own radical lost to leader transformation, my life’s mission is to bring people the same joy and freedom I’ve found.

Hi, I'm Rachel Pastor, Mindset Master and Lover of Alchemy.




Unlock your highest self, step into soulful living, become the leader you were created to be and create the life you desire with Rachel Pastor.

Rachel is a transformation expert, motivational speaker, a guide to leaders, a mom, wife, and author of Unf**k Your Fitness Mindset, a Master of Neurolinguistic programming and founder of Break Free Events. Rachel is an internationally recognized authority on transformation. She has worked with top fitness celebrities and has helped thousands of people around the world. Rachel created the Xperience Method—a global movement helping people by creating transformation from the inside out. Rachel uses mindset work and reprogramming to empower people to soulful living, to live life at peak performance as their highest self. Unblocking beliefs for manifestation of freedom, leadership, clarity, flow, confidence, and money. Her newest venture is a minority co-owned, female-founded lifestyle brand. Anatomy of Love focuses on cultivating a soulful and radiant life of inspiration, wonder and love- mind, body, soul. 

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What if you could have provide access to a life-changing experience that allows people to stop making decisions from fear, stop hiding behind achievement, and all the other coping bullshit? Imagine giving them the tools to unlock their intuition, become the leader of their highest self and begin living in alignment with who they really want to be. These lessons have the power to rechart the course of someone’s entire life. These life changing programs are available to yourself, your clients or your team.

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Working with Rachel is truly a transformative experience and addresses every aspect of life. Health with Rachel is more than nutrition and movement but meditation, mindset and belief. I had the unique opportunity to truly start over with how I wanted my life to look like. It is a process and requires daily commitment. I am unbelievably grateful to this experience and for all Rachel poured into me and my transformation." 

Alyssa W.


I have gotten stronger not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I have learned how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way and to have discipline despite difficult situations. Thanks to Rachel I was able to really visualize my highest self and see the person I want to become for myself and not just the image I felt like I needed to be. I never used to believe in meditation or positive affirmation but this program has truly made me a believer of the power it can have, and the power that being aware and in control of my thoughts and subconscious can have over my everyday life and my perception of the world around me.  


This was one of the best decisions of my life. It got me through some big life changing transitions and I now know that to help others to the best of my ability, I NEED to take care of myself first and not just here and there, EVERYDAY. Rachel has shown me how to heal from old and new traumas on a deeper level and helped me become a much more happy and efficient person both in my home life and my business life.


When I signed up for coaching I thought I would just be getting advice on nutrition and exercise. What I got was a whole lot more! I feel like I have grown more in so many areas of my life - my marriage, as a parent, my friendships, my career - in the past year and a half of being coached by Rachel. I have learned that being physically fit and healthy starts in your mind. Rachel has planted the seeds of success in me as I now know that I am worthy of success and can achieve any goal I set my mind on.


Being coached by Rachel was exactly what I needed to have success in my health and fitness journey. She helped me to see I was capable of so much more than I had been telling myself. She held me accountable until I was strong enough to hold myself accountable. She has helped me realize my full potential. 


One of the first things Rachel said to me is, “I will make sure you reach your goals, but you have to put in the work.” And that’s exactly what happened. She held me accountable, pushed and encouraged me, and gave me the tools to not only put in the work, but to reach my goals. I set and achieved goals that I had never thought were possible for me!


When I first started coaching with Rachel, I was purely just interested in the physical changes I hoped for my body. However, as I have given myself to the whole process I have learned that the mental and emotional transformation I am and have experienced has meant so much more than any pounds lost. My mindset is so much stronger and healthier than it has ever been  and that is something I will forever be grateful for! Because of the change in my mindset, I am a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. This program has helped to remind me that we are not just here to survive but to thrive while having joy in the process. 

I'm obsessed with helping others create the life they have always wanted!

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When we aren’t accomplishing what we dream of, there are often mindsets and habits we maintain that are blocking us from being our best selves. Transformation Meditation is a daily practice and a staple of The Xperience Method using Neuro-linguistic programming. Below, you’ll find a meditation I created to help people transform from the person they no longer want to be to their highest self. Get yours today!

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