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We live 95% of our lives in our subconscious minds. Our mental processes (or meta-programs) create our actions and results in life. When these meta-programs are not in alignment with our highest self, we end up getting results over and over again that keep us stuck, frustrated, and unhappy. 

As a Master NLP Practitioner, Rachel Pastor guides high performing leaders to change their meta-programing. Rachel shows people how to become aware of who they currently are and who they want to be. Change begins at awareness. Rachel empowers people to start living a life in alignment with the most magnetic version of themselves. 

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You're in the right place if...

You're ready to find your way back to your authentic highest self.

You are ready to start make decisions from a place of peace, alignment and intuition.

you are ready to become what you desire to manifest.

you want to cultivate your soulful life.

you are ready to become the inspiring leader of your highest self you know is inside of you. 

you are curious and ready to explore and experience more in this life.

If you are ready to identify and reprogram any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  

What if you could access life-changing experiences that allow you to stop making decisions from fear, stop hiding behind achievement, and limiting beliefs? Imagine having the tools and support to unlock your intuition, step into the leadership of your highest self, begin living in alignment, freedom confidence and becoming what you desire to manifest. Step into this experience at an in-person or online events.


Host Rachel to bring a powerful message of transformation— Rachel will guide your people into their personal transformations from the inside out. Using her signature R3 Method of Rewriting, Rewiring, and Reprogramming, Rachel brings a rich message that will captivate, invite, provide tools and challenge your audience to step into their highest selves.

One of Rachel’s signature talk’s include: Lost to Loved, Loved to Leader, Leader to True Freedom.
Rachel has the ability to meet anyone in the room right where they are at with this powerful message. Taking the person who is lost to loved. The person who is ready to be the leader they desire to be from loved to leader. The leader who is ready find and live in the true freedom that comes from within- Leader to True Freedom. 


Using her R3 Method of reprogram, rewire, rewrite, Rachel teaches leaders how to identify who they are as their highest selves, as well as the things holding them back and gives them the tools and mindset to overcome. Add value to your retreat or workplace by bringing in a mindset expert. Rachel’s workshop will add another dimension to the learning and give room for even more growth and clarity to occur. Workshops include free Xperience Method app access and journals for all attendees to continue integrating the deep work Rachel teaches during the workshop. 
*Workshops are created custom to the theme and desired outcome. 


half and full day options

Madwire Marketing

Rachel spoke at our annual company leadership event and knocked it out of the park. Our team of 100+ leaders came away feeling uplifted and motivated for the year ahead. Rachel is highly recommended to speak at your next event if you're looking for somebody authentic, engaged, relatable and inspiring. 

Tara bara

Working with Rachel’s has been one of the most transformative experiences in my personal growth journey. She knows how to tap into the limiting beliefs and blocks we have that keep us stuck so that we can unlock our potential. All the business coaching I invested in kept falling flat until I addressed the subconscious beliefs that held me back. Rachel is the best at unlocking your potential and maximizing your results.

brand breakthrough

Rachel is hands down a transformational coach and leader! I have done a LOT of meditations, guided visualizations, breathwork, you name it... but there is something different about what Rachel has created. It goes straight to the core of WHO we are, what we need to stir up and bring to the surface to remove once and for all, and how to truly step into our next level to create THE life, leadership, and results we REALLY want for ourselves. I listen to her NLP meditations morning and night. It takes me into another space that is transformative. When I come out of these, I feel renewed, cleared, and vibrationally realigned with who I am and who I really want to become. Rachel is GIFTED. This isn’t just a mediation, it’s an EXPERIENCE that will change you for the better. We all need to RELEASE the weights weighing us down and limiting us from living out what we are truly called to do and Rachel is DOING it. She Is the leadership awareness EXPERT for this next generation of high performers! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs to go through her programs. It will change the world, but it starts with each one of us changing ourselves first.


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